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Matador Classic XL

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Our 21st century society is driven by technology, made from computer chips and plastic.

But we all want our children to grow up naturally, to use their hands, put things together and not just shift pixels around on a computer screen. There is no better way than encouraging your child to play with wooden blocks, to build 3-dimensional models from blueprints or to just let their fantasy flow.

If the set becomes to limited for your child's plans and ideas, you can always add another set. All Classic sets use the same concept of wooden blocks and pins and can be used with each other.

These sets are tailored for children of 5 years and older. They use the smaller 2 x 2 cm blocks, allowing for very complex models and machines.

Note that these sets contain fairly small parts and therefore are not suitable for children under the age of 3!

This set contains 902 pieces, 3 tool sets, 3 instructions (suitable for up to 3 children. Perfect for families and schools)