Build Me

Build Me quality wooden toys are fun, robust and designed for your child to build with your help and supervision, or for you to build for a young one.

These educational wooden toy kits allow for your child to take the lead in doing the construction. Your input will vary depending upon the age and skills of your child but no matter the age, you will be able to watch the joy on their face as they build their own robust toy with your help. Boost their confidence and self esteem while developing some good old fashioned basic skills.

And don't forget about the amazing connection between you that only building something brings.

Each kit includes: pre-cut components with pre-drilled nail holes for safe, easy hammering (no sore thumbs!) and all nails, screws, wheels and axles. All you need to provide is a hammer, Phillips Head screwdriver, quick drying PVA glue, some fine grade sandpaper and a ready apprentice!

And when your child has outgrown his toy as a play thing (when they're 40 or so), it can take its place as a handsome, handmade curio on the bookshelf while it waits for the next generation of drivers who will treasure it as something that Dad and Grandpa built together.

Build Me builds loves.

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