Bedhead Hats

Hats. Fashionable and protective.  Gorgeous and necessary.

But let's face it, teaching children to wear hats can be a trying time for parents.

Bedhead however, makes this life skill easier to learn.

With hats small enough to fit newborns from the day they leave hospital, it is never too early to start.  Familiarising a baby with the sensation of wearing a hat, especially with a brim is the key to raising a toddler that searches for their hat to wear before going outdoors.

Having a very 'out-doorsie' little newborn boy who loved roaming around the neighborhood in his pram, Bedhead creator Richelle, desperately needed a hat.  Searching high and low, she found that there was very little in the way of glare/sun protective hats for little babies.  In fact, most hats for young children were not 'kiddie-friendly' at all.  Heavy, hot canvases, floppy brims in eyes, clashing prints and little to offer in the way of practical sun protection made it understandable why little one's would keep ripping their hats off.

Starting from this gap in the children's head wear market – Bedhead was created!

Bedhead Bucket and Legionnaire hat styles have been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4399, where a UPF rating of 50+ Excellent Protection was reported.  All bedhead styles that comply with this rating are ticketed as such.

Life happens outside. Let them live it safely.