Baby Paws

Australia's Best Pre-Walker and First-Walker Shoes!

Proudly Australian owned, Baby Paws have been making baby shoes in Tasmania since 1985.

Focusing on pre-walker and first-walker ranges, the company is committed to the proper development of your child by producing a range of high quality babies shoes designed to give babies, boys and girls (from 0 to 24 months), a comfortable and sound base upon which their feet can enjoy the freedom to develop naturally from their first steps and beyond.

With a wide range of styles and colours, Baby Paws satisfy even the most discerning parent and the shoes themselves are designed with the very specific needs of a first-walker in mind.

The leather is specially made for the company to conform to their own exacting safety and durability specifications as well as international safety standards.  This leather makes the shoes, lightweight, soft and flexible allowing little feet to mimic natural movements while providing protection from the rough world.

And you will find Baby Paws match well with most of the Hugs for Kids clothing range to create the perfect first-steps outfit.

First steps are important.

Choose shoes that help, not hinder.