The team at Babiators love to see parents and kids really enjoy each other; spending time together, connecting and doing things they love.

Outdoor fun helps develop healthy lifestyle habits in our kids. Fun times outdoors give everyone that dose of serotonin that helps overcome the challenges of day to day parenting and childhood.

The tools you need for outdoor activities should add to the fun and connection, not take away from it. They need to survive everything your kids can throw at them so you're not worrying about them breaking.

They need to be durable, practical and suit your style so that everyone in the family LOVES them and can't wait to use them.

Sun safety is important in Aus and NZ. That is why the team has brought Babiators to the our shores because their sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, the lenses are shaped for maximum coverage from the sun and the frames are designed to flex and bend to resist breaking.

Babiators - you can't lose.