Authentic Models

The founder of Authentic Models, Haring Piebenga must have been somewhere around eight when he discovered auctions and their potential. At one such auction, in the old Dutch port town of Harlingen, he purchased an antique British explorer’s compass perfectly made in solid brass and still working! The compass card was a miniature work of art and science. He couldn't help but imagine its original owner, where, when, how…

With the Spice Islands already discovered, he thought perhaps he could roam the Gobi desert on a camel, or sail up the Amazon looking for legendary cities of gold? With that one item, he felt he carried the world in the palm of his hand. Another time he stumbled on a 1930's flight map of the England-Melbourne air-race. The names, places… imagine the logistics. No blacktop landing strips here.

Hard sand and grass were de rigueur… A sextant to plot course, and a compass! The Dutch KLM DC3, nicknamed ‘De Uiver’ became a national icon by commanding second place, all the while carrying a full load of passengers… not to mention plenty of Dom Pérignon, caviar and foie gras.

AM is now closing in on its 50th year anniversary and many of their early clients are still with us today. Like them, we share a passion for the unknown, unusual and undiscovered.
and so we offer a range of their exquisite decor guaranteed to spark every little explorers imagination.