Aunty Em

Remember your favourite dress when you were a little girl? The joy and happiness you felt when wearing it?

Emma Seaberg started Aunty Em to capture this feeling and wrap it into beautiful dresses and clothes to bring happiness to girls and make wonderful memories for them.

Emma says, "I love creating unique and fabulous girls clothes and dresses. I want “our girls” (as we call our garments) to become your little girl's favourite that she will remember forever."

Emma wanted her dresses to be keepsakes to be handed down. There is so much throw away fashion today and in a throw away world she feels that the keepsake is queen.

Emma wants little girls stamping their feet and saying “Mummy why CAN’T I wear my Aunty Em dress to bed!”

After 25 years as a womenswear designer in London and Sydney working for some of the worlds leading retailers and after many months of research, Emma took the plunge to start Aunty Em. The first range went into Australia and New Zealand stockists in summer 2015 after what seemed to be unending challenges and difficulties but Emma can vouch that the cliché is true – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

The reaction to Aunty Em’s first range from customers and stockists was wonderful and with good reason - these dresses are sheer beauty.