AnaMalz are amazing, award winning, eco-friendly and pose-able animal figurines produced from wood and plush materials.

They are a hand made collector range with every piece having its own particular markings.  Anamalz are extraordinary and individual.

AnaMalz are the creation of Australian mother and designer Louise Causon-Scott and her partner Tim Scott.  The idea originated after they saw the uptrend for wooden toys.  Louise saw the need for a wooden animal range that was made from sustainable materials, was tactile and pose-able.  Tim, a lover of carving natural woods, worked tirelessly with Louise and her vision to create the first AnaMalz range of 12 designs in 2006.  From this evolved a love for creating little wooden pals that bring smiles through “happy faced” characters to children and adults alike.

After a successful trial in the Australian market, AnaMalz was launched onto the international stage in 2007.  They became an immediate success, selling in excess of 800,000 pieces with just 12 designs in the first year.  AnaMalz now has over 50 designs in the range and each piece is hand made with its own unique markings.

AnaMalz are for the young at heart.  Tested and approved for ages 2+ and up, they also appeal to collectors, animal enthusiasts and are great for either spontaneous gift purchases or adding to the collection every birthday.

Give the gift of imagination.