Alice Garrick

Alice Garrick is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter and performer.

In April 2011, Alice released an album of her original children’s music called 'Songs of Connection' which grew out of interest and demand from the music sessions Alice runs for children. Alice has since followed up from the success of her first album with, 'Play is Serious Business', released in December, 2012.

Using acoustic guitar and ukulele, Alice’s songs are appealing to pre-school and primary school children. Sweet, funny, quirky songs populated by garden fairies, dinosaur hunters and over enthusiastic chickens.

Alice weaves simple acoustic guitar and beautiful melodies that kids love to sing along and jump about to and parents actually don’t mind having on repeat in the car (we at Hugs for Kids can vouch for this - we have Alice's music on repeat in the store 8 hours a day, every day).

Alice Garrick - Music for kids that parents will love too.